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About Hr Counselors, Inc.

The founder, Richard Bell, has over 30 years of multi-faceted human resources experience.    He founded HR Counselors, Inc. in 1999 and quickly realized that the number one problem experienced by many of his clients was employees not performing up to expected levels.  Too often, the problem was not technical competence, but lack of commitment to the culture of the company or conflict with the management style of their supervisor.  There was no interest in doing more than putting in 8 hours and going home.

Successful employees possess the behaviors that are consistent with the needs of the  organization, but these are nearly impossible to discover during the typical hiring process unless assessment tools are used.  Assessments measure critical factors such as decision making, attitude, manageability, independence, sociability, objective judgment, and much more.  The degree to which a candidate possesses these behaviors can be measured and compared with those of top performing employees.

Company productivity and profits will improve noticeably if employees are properly aligned with the company culture and their supervisor’s management style.

In 2003, HR Counselors formed a relationship with Profiles International to provide an  inventory of assessment tools to its clients.  With offices in 120 companies, Profiles International is one of the leading providers of cultural and behavioral assessments in the world.  These tools are thoroughly tested to ensure they are valid and reliable.

The assessments are taken on-line and can be customized for each job and manager.  They are easy to read and understand with no need for coaching interface.  No contracts are required so in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied, there is no continuing obligation.

HR Counselors, Inc. is located in metropolitan Charlotte, North Carolina.  Since all of the assessments are taken on-line, companies from any state can use our services.

Assessment Checklist
Yes No Does your Company:
Consistently hire good employees
Have too many employee problems
Have too many average performers and not enough superior ones
Know what employees think about the Company
Have acceptable turnover
Have absenteeism and tardiness under control
Have an effective performance appraisal program
Have problems with theft
Have problems with substance abuse
Have a program to develop managers and executives
Have stellar customer service
Conduct background checks during the employment process
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