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Compensation Plans - The Smart Way to Control Wage and Salary Costs

  • Nothing creates employee dissatisfaction faster than learning that a fellow employee makes more than he or she does, and the supervisor cannot satisfactorily explain why.  Companies must have a method of determining pay based on performance, skill, experience, length of service, etc. that is administered consistently and can explain differences in individual pay.  A well-designed pay plan will also provide employees with a roadmap that tells them what they must do to receive a pay increase.

    Every compensation plan must be designed with the company's business in mind.  It may take many forms and only a skilled practitioner is able to work with management to develop a plan that will attract and motivate employees consistent with the company's management philosophy and financial position.

    HR Counselors, Inc. will help you create a successful compensation plan that employees can understand and that you can afford.

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