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Effective Hiring - The Science Of Hiring Smart

  • Three things can happen when you are hiring a new employee, and only one is good.
    1. You hire someone who is not good.
    2. You hire someone who is good.
    3. You get sued by someone you did not hire.

  • There are too many pitfalls in the hiring process to not take it very seriously.  Unfortunately, the person who is doing the interviewing for you is probably not trained and may be violating many important employment laws.  We train your supervisors and other personnel entrusted with the hiring function to help improve the odds of hiring a good employee - doing it without worrying about being accused of discrimination. 
  • Job fit is the single most important factor in making a good hire.
  • Most companies hire based on job skill and hope that the person will fit into the organization and become a valuable contributor.  A more successful strategy is to recognize that you can train someone to be more skilled, but you cannot change their attitude.  If you hire a bad apple, you are stuck with a bad apple.  Therefore, smart companies use personality assessments to ensure the candidate has the attitude and behaviors best suited for the company and the job.  HR Counselors, is a Strategic Business Partner with Profile's International, one of the world's largest providers of on-line assessments in the world.  We will help you incorporate these assessments into your hiring and development process.

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