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Legal Compliance - Protect Yourself

  • In today's workplace, lawsuits have become far too common.  Employers must do everything possible to ensure they are in compliance with employment laws.  Unfortunately, there are so many laws that even seasoned HR professional are seldom aware of all of them.  We quickly and inexpensively audit your forms, procedures and practices to help ensure legal compliance.

  • HR Counselors, Inc. will develop and present training programs for employees and management with the primary purpose of keeping your company out of court.

    The most frequently requested programs are "Anti-Harrassment" and "Interviewing and Selection".

    You Cannot Protect Yourself If You Don't Know About It.
  • Compliance Programs
  • Programs that will make your life easier include:

    Overtime Pay Requirements
    Pay for Performance
    Improving Employee Performance
    Employment Laws
    Employee Discipline
    How To Fire An Employee
    Drugs - Keep Them Out Of The Workplace
    Effective And Legal Interviewing
    Reducing Employee Turnover
    Employee Handbooks - What You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You

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