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Paid Time Off Plans - A Flexible Alternative to Traditional Vacation & Sick Leave Plans

  • Some companies find that managing traditional vacation and sick leave plans has become too complicated.  Was Susie really sick or can Joe use his sick days to extend a vacation?  Betty's son has to see the doctor and Bill needs time off to close on a house.  Paid time off (PTO) plans help with this dilemma.  With PTO, employees receive a certain number of days off each year, and it doesn't matter what they are used for.  Normal scheduling and call-in procedures still apply.

    Many questions arise when transitioning to a PTO plan.  We will help you with the planning and develop the details to ensure the plan will be easily managed with no increased cost.  A well-designed and communicated PTO plan will be seen as a benefit improvement by the employees - with no increased cost to you.
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